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The Online world enables wide flexibility for the Online Bingo experience. The long time Classics are Still here on your mobile phone or tablet. All the different styles of Bingo and slots are at your fingertips, Let’s review the most common bingo style games and Slingo available in Bingo Sites across the UK:

Online Bingo Games From 90 to 40 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

In this most popular variant of Bingo common in the Virtue Fusion network, Bingo balls are numbered 1-90. While each Bingo Ticket have its numbers spread randomly across nine columns.
Bingo Cards are presented beautifully with themed graphics. The online version of the 90 ball bingo game allows winnings earned for  completing, one, two or more lines. Major prizes awarded if players complete all three lines to hit a Full House, Bingo!

Bingo Games Gala Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

A more modern version of Bingo, this online Bingo game has many variations. Similar in fashion with a four by four (total of 16) numbers per Bingo Ticket, each column in marked by a different color. Silver, Yellow, Red and blue are the most common. in detail each color is a range of numbers. Players can line up patterns horizontally, diagonally or vertically, all directions counts!

75 Ball Bingo

bingo games 75 ball

The 75 Ball Bingo is more popular across the pond in the United States and Canada. Players play with a five by five (25 in total) numbers per Bingo Ticket lined. in essence, within 5 rows, hit the numbers to fill a row in any direction and you win. As a direct result, this game is quicker in compared to the 90 and 80 ball variants which adds to the excitement and replay ability. 75 ball bingo is also available for UK players through bingo sites using Dragonfish Software.

50 balls Bingo

Adding 50 Balls Bingo to the Bingo game variant sphere is a recent action by many Bingo sites. 50 ball bingo is boasting a smaller than average number of bingo balls numbered 1-50. Each purchased bingo ticket contain 10 numbers, therefore players have a maximum limit of cards. As this is a mobile and modern Bingo game variants players will experience fast paced games and non-stop action. All these is supplemented with a wide variety of bonuses. In addition players claim two payouts by filling out a single line, on top of the full house.

40 balls Bingo & Slingo

40 Ball Bingo games continue the trend of recent years spearheaded by Virtue Fusion. This is to transform Online Bingo games to a quicker, energized version of the offline version. This time reducing the number of balls to 40. Players will find the most common version is inspired by the famed Rainbow Riches Slot.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo – Online Bingo Slots

Slingo players play at a Single or Multi Player game. Being a online hybrid of Bingo and Slots. Best described as a combination between 75 balls Bingo and an online slot.
You Spin A five by five Slot-Bingo card resulting in 5 number symbols who are in turn crossed from the players card similar to Bingo.

30 Ball Bingo – Speed Bingo

The newest mobile version of the beloved game. 30 ball bingo is a fast paced bingo game designed for mobile devices. players are required to mark off the 9 numbers on their bingo card in order to win the grand prize!

Best Online Bingo Sites & Bonuses

We are constantly updating our review of all the best online bingo sites and games, below you will find a list of our recommended Bingo Sites and Bonuses. Also included are our favorite Slot Sites and Free Spins Bonuses. The sites offer a wide variety of games from developers as as Playtech, IGT , Dragonfish and Virtue Fusion.

We provide a responsible gambling experience, Therefore, all Bingo and Slot sites are regulated by the UKGC.

It is important for us to point out that as fun playing bingo and slots is, they are still games based on chance.

Please play responsibly.