Jackpot Giant Slot Jackpot Review

Jackpot Giant Slot is a progressive Jackpot game developed by Playtech.
This is a 3 row, 5 reel video slot with 50 paylines. Join the adventures of the gentle giant searching volcanoes for the massive giant jackpot.

Jackpot Giant Logo

It started out as an exclusive slot game only available in selected site. in recent times it has been rapidly growing in distribution. players can play Jackpot Giant on Bingo or Slots sites who feature Playtech games.

WILD, Scatter, Bonus Gameplay Features

Widely accepted as Playtech’s best Slot Game, Jackpot Giant Features a number of classic and innovative gameplay mechanics. Coupled with progressive Jackpots and vivid visuals. As a result making Jackpot Giant a great choice of a medium variance slot. Moreover, Jackpot Giant offers bonus games that differentiate from the classic Playtech Slot Formula as seen in Age Of Gods Slot.

Jackpot Giant Paytable

The Classics – Scatter & WILD Symbols

Scatter Symbols are icons in the slot game that might appear outside of a betline and still qualify to effect a win. Jackpot Giant’s Scatter Symbols are marked as a giants hand holding a sum of gold. Keep an eye out for these as it might be the difference between a small and a big win.

Jackpot Giant Slot Reels

WILD Symbol are slot reel icons who act as a wild card. That is to say they can replace any symbol on the reels thus completing a winning betline. The symbol is a golden WILD tablet you will surely not miss. Jackpot Giant’s WILD gameplay is augmented by stacked Wilds. In detail, stacked WILDs are symbols who will occupy two spots on the reels, on either side. As a result making stacked WILDS a precursor to much bigger wins.

Jackpot Giant Detailed Slot Prizes Paytable

Mystery Bonus

Jackpot Giant’s mystery bonus is a cash prize win that is activated once 2, 3 or 4 giant hand symbols appear on the reels. The more hand symbol, the larger the win. This is because each giant hand will toss gold coins that translate to cash prizes.

Giant Bonus – A Progressive Jackpot

The Giant Bonus is what make Jackpot Giant shine. This mini-game feature is activated once 5 bonus symbol are on the same betline.


The bonus symbol is marked by the a volcano. Once in play, 6 new volcano symbols will appear. Players then need to pick 3, each hides a big cash win. With this in mind players should be aware that an extra pick can be given as a prize.

Moreover, the largest win of the game is “Win’em All” in essence this win combines all the giant bonus volcano prizes. Win amounts can range up to a 50,000 Progressive jackpot

Jackpot Giant Stacked WILD

Jackpot Giant Bet Size & Return To Player

Unlike other popular slot games, Jackpot Giant’s minimum bet size is a little higher. it ranges from £0.5 up to £4. A range that both makes every spin a potential prize winner but also keeps players engaged for long.
The game is considered a medium volatility Slot. That it to say that winnings are spread out but also higher on average.
The return to player rate is up to 94.22%. This means that for every £100 wagered on Jackpot Giant a player is expected to win back £94 on average.

Slot Review Summary

Jackpot Giant is a colorful, engaging experience. The visuals and sound blend beautifully with its fast pace action vibe. Offering classic game mechanics alongisde new innovations is what gives the game its edge. Keeping prizes reasonably high had also played a role. The summarize, it is difficult to argue against Jackpot Giant’s almost instant success. A fine creation by Playtech that is satisfying and engaging being a favorite of many Slot game lovers.

Jackpot Giant Mobile Slot

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