30 Ball Bingo – Speed Bingo Online Game

30 Ball Bingo takes its mobile gaming experience to the edge. This fast paced Bingo variant has a reduced number of balls. Commonly known as Speed Bingo, This variant of Bingo isn’t as common compared other versions of the games such as 40 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Even So, speed Bingo slowly moves to occupy prime spots on most UK Bingo Sites.

30 ball bingo card

30 Ball Bingo Rules & How To Win Prizes

Many Bingo Games offer long games. Nonetheless, speed bingo offers a unique experience to those who wish to play on the road. Each bingo card contain only 9 numbers to mark off. In order to win prizes players need to cross all the number in their 3×3 Bingo Ticket to win a full house prize! unlike other Bingo games who feature multiple winners in 30 ball bingo there is only one big winner per game.

Bingo Bonuses From The Best UK Bingo Sites

Bingo sites offer players high value first deposit offers. These bonuses enable increased play time for a low-risk deposit of £10. Bonuses usually consists of a set amount of funds. The amount is then added to the players account once the initial deposit is played through.

Winnings are subjected to wagering requirements specified on the T&Cs.

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Best Bonuses To Play 30 Ball Bingo

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